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5 easy ways to cut plastic from your… bathroom

It is so easy to go without plastic in the bathroom. Take a look at our top tips!

1. Switch to a wooden toothbrush

We all go through several plastic toothbrushes per year, and they’re almost impossible to recycle.

Luckily it’s become pretty easy to find wooden alternatives (usually made of bamboo) in most shops, especially large pharmacies.

In many cases the bristles are still made of plastic, but even this is better than toothbrushes made entirely from non-natural materials.

2. Use soap and shampoo bars!!

It never ceases to amaze us that soap can be bought in solid bars, without the need for plastic bottles! Ok, so maybe they’ve been around for quite some time (!), but we definitely think it’s time for traditional soap - which is also effective at fighting bacteria and viruses - to make a comeback.

It’s also becoming much easier to find specialised shampoo bars for washing your hair. Why not give one a try? As well as independent manufacturers, you can grab them from major brands such as Lush and Garnier. Shampoo bars last much longer and contain no liquid, meaning they can easily be taken on the plane for holidays!

3. Only buy loo roll which comes in paper packaging

Another huge opportunity to make a difference by doing very little. Most loo rolls come wrapped in plastic packaging, which is not recyclable and not necessary!

While previously we had to rely on niche online brands for loo rolls wrapped in paper, the major supermarkets are now beginning to get on board. So next time you do your shopping, take a few extra seconds to find the plastic-free option!

4. Use toothpaste powder or tables

Traditional toothpaste tubes are totally non-recyclable, and most households will go through dozens of them every year.

So what’s the alternative? Well, there are actually two! Toothpaste can in fact be bought in powder or tablet form, coming in recyclable cardboard boxes or glass bottles. Why not give them a try?!

5. Ditch the single use razors!

There’s only one thing worse than a plastic razor, and that’s a single-use plastic razor.

Why not invest in a reusable metal razor which lets you simply fit a new blade each time the old one runs out? It’ll look much smarter in your bathroom, and could even save money in the long run!


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