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Monthly Photography Competition

Our monthly photography competition is open to all and showcases fascinating photos of nature and inspiring snapshots of sustainable living.


Whether you have an SLR camera or a mobile phone, whether it's a lone oak tree in a farmer's field or a stylish shot of your plastic-free kitchen - get in touch!

The competition runs monthly and winning photos will be published on our website and social media. You could even win some goodies!

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Nature & Wildlife

We're after your best photos of the natural world, from panoramic landscape shots to a quick snap of blossoming tress in your local park.

Let us know why your photo is special and how it makes you feel!

Lifestyle & Home Sustainability

This is a great opportunity for stylish shots of ideas for sustainable living and ways of doing things differently.

Think about why a particular photo is important to you and how it could inspire others!

How it works

  1. Submit no more than ONE photo under each category to


    We'll pick a winner in each category at the end of the month

  3. We'll share your photo on our website and social media! Extra prizes will be on offer some months, courtesy of our supporters.

Next competition: July 2021

Submit your photos by 31 July 2021 for a chance to win a copy of  the magical children's book, 'Katie Helps A Turtle With Tummy Ache'.

Many thanks to author Nick Lloyd-Davies for donating this month's prize.

To find out more about Nick and the inspiration behind his book, check out our article, Forty Million Pieces: From Devastation to Inspiration.

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